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Stand up for equality

Less than 2% of streets, squares and parks in Croatia are named after women. To grant the great women of the past the visibility they deserve in the future, and to promise equality to those who are yet to come - we present the first square of equality. The aim is to devide the „Trg hrvatskih velikana“ into equal halves and dedicate one half of the sqare to the great women of the past and future. This new half would proudly bear a name „Trg hrvatskihv velikanki“!


Co2mpensating by planting

Co2mpensating by planting

Natural way to reduce your carbon footprint

CO2MPENSATING BY PLANTING is a unique program through which companies can compensate their CO2 footprint by planting trees. Specificity of the project is the fact that planting is implemented in Croatia so it's not only about reducing carbon footprint but also about raising the quality of life in local community.




A new toy for more joy

Happycentar is a project intended for children from earthquake-affected areas in Croatia. Through donations of citizens and companies, we collect only new: toys, picture books, children’s books, sports equipment and props, drawing accessories and other didactic materials for playing - then we personally deliver it to the children.




Largest afforestation volunteer action in Europe

Every year, fires in Croatia leave black charred remains behind. Forests are not able to restore themselves on their own, and therefore they need our help. The Scout Association of Croatia initiated a volunteering action for reforestation of the burnt sites with the aim to include the largest possible number of citizens. For that campaign we devised the name “Boranka” and created its visual identity. We also conceived Boralice – crayons created from the ashes of the burnt trees, that helped include tens of thousands of citizens to become a part of the Boranka campaign. Boranka is the largest volunteering action for reforestation ever organised in Europe.


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